Attagirl: A brand that strives to deliver fresh, high-quality healthy batters for breakfast to discerning customers

Attagirl: A brand that strives to deliver fresh, high-quality healthy batters for breakfast to discerning customers

Starting on a healthy note

For Dr.Sangeeta, food has always been the first love of her life. After a successful 10-year stint as a medical practitioner and then as a healthcare business consultant, she took a sabbatical to raise her family. When it was time to resume work, she decided to explore other avenues that would satiate the passionate foodie inside her.

Soon she realised there were limited healthy food options, especially as far as breakfast was concerned. Owing to her pure, wholesome, unadulterated love for idlis and dosas, Sangeeta decided to introduce healthy variations of regular idli dosa batters. Her medical knowledge came in handy as she experimented with grains, millets and veggies, transitioning from polished rice and refined grains to gluten free whole grains using different types of millets like Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, horse gram.

Describing her remarkable journey, she says “It almost took me 6-9 months to work on the batters and try it out with friends and family before I could launch them in the market. I started as a little home delivery business from my 100 square feet house kitchen. Due to positive customer reviews, I had premium stores in Mumbai reach out to me for listing my products on their shelves.

I soon had to move my production unit to a 1500 square feet commercial kitchen and from a 2 people team, it grew to 25 people.”

Attagirl: Making our breakfast tastier and healthier

In a market flooded with breakfast options that are anything but healthy, Attagirl, with its sharp focus on healthier ingredients, has come as a breath of fresh air. It focuses on those customers who are looking for quick healthy off-the-shelf options offering convenience and taste without compromising on quality.

In spite of well-funded competition, Atta girl is positioned as a premium brand and is getting good traction. The brand has grown so far via customer word‐of‐mouth through unsolicited brand loyalists and evangelists who have promoted the brand for its high quality and taste.

Since Attagirl products are 25-100% more expensive than others, the target customer base mainly includes upper-middle-class, affluent households. Attagirl has a strong online presence with Big Basket, Swiggy amongst others. It is associated with most of the prominent retail stores like Food hall, Natures Basket, Reliance stores, Neelam foodland.

Chasing future goals

A brand cannot succeed without reinventing itself from time to time. Attagirl intends to come up with more effective and tasty batter variants and also include batters for waffles and pancakes. The next logical step would be taking Attagirl to satellite cities like Pune, Ahmedabad through a central kitchen in Mumbai in the next one year and to spread out in metros like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad in another five years.

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