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What should Sangita do?

Girl in a jacket

A project helping a dear friend with her line of raw pressed juices gets stay at home mum Sangita thinking. It’s time she turned her love for healthy eating into a healthy profit. Yep.

The experiments begin

Girl in a jacket

Her pure, wholesome, unadulterated love for idlis and dosas wins! But not for her the regular idli dosa batters. Sangita decides at the very beginning that she will only offer healthy variations of this classic Indian breakfast.

And go on for two years

Girl in a jacket

She experiments with grains and millets and veggies. Armed with her medical degree and her trusty blender she tries every variation. A little more of this and a little less of that. Her creations go through rigorous taste testing by family and friends, and with each new iteration, her confidence grows.

We have lift-off!

Girl in a jacket

From her home kitchen, in South Mumbai, she launches her first three batters – multigrain veggies, multigrain and ragi. She stocks some of each at the grocery store in her housing complex and sends out a message to everyone she knows.

SOLD OUT on the first day!

Girl in a jacket

Sangita is surprised and delighted. Everyone who has taste-tested her crisp dosas and soft idlis is delighted but not surprised. Every brand needs a name, and she decides on Batter It.

Mo customers, mo batters

Girl in a jacket

She introduces appam batter that smells and tastes like it was just made in a Kerala home to the delight of her customers who are now growing in number.

Space: the final frontier

Girl in a jacket

More people are making crisp dosas and soft idlis with her delicious batters, and operations move to a commercial kitchen in South Mumbai to cope with demand.

And coffee ties it up nicely

Girl in a jacket

She introduces a healthy classic rice variation, chutneys and filter coffee decoction. A little later Kanchipuram and special idli batter make their entry. To the delight of her customers everywhere she now offers 7 batter variations, 3 chutneys and one spectacularly mind-blowing coffee. Her tribe keeps growing.

What’s in a name? Everything

Girl in a jacket

As names go, ‘Batter It’ never quite feels right to Sangita and two years to the day she started her business, she reinvents herself as the Attagirl.

Mo mobility, mo access

Girl in a jacket

Attagirl ties up with Scootsy for easy delivery across South Mumbai. Her products are now available in several speciality and gourmet stores across South Mumbai and Bandra.

Famous the world over. Available in Mumbai

Girl in a jacket

Another move to a bigger production facility to cope with increased demand. Whew! Attagirl starts retailing at Food Hall and Nature’s Basket outlets across Mumbai. A few months later Big Basket follows suit. Her tribe is still growing.